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Ana Rose Complex, manufacturer of different kinds of PVC products including Water Hoses, Granules for different applications and different analysis of PVC compounds. For more details about our products please visit related sections.



PVC Hoses

Best quality of raw materials According to customer’s offer

PVC Granules

For manufacturer of Hoses, Pipes and Fittings, Cable and Wire, Shoes

PVC Compounds

Products of best quality raw materials and according to international standards

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Anarz Spanta Complex was established in 1997 with the aim of improving the quality level of PVC products produced in Iran by producing various types of PVC hose and PVC granules.
Various types of water hoses for household, gardening, irrigation and industrial purposes, various types of granules used in the wire and cable industry, and the production of shoes and various PVC components are among the products of this complex.

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Water Hoses

Types of water hoses (single-layer and multi-layer, threaded, reinforced, transparent, made of PVC and rubber (NBR), 3-

mm to 2-inch, with different thickness in different colors for irrigation and industrial applications.

Ana Rose (Super)
Ana Rose (Super)

Production of different analysis of PVC

compounds according to customer’s offer

Aiwa (Fine)
Aiwa (Fine)

Meet those clients which look for price-

quality appropriateness

Talaei (Normal)

Suitable for those of customers which

know the price as the first priority